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A House of Lords Select Committee is  using evidence provided by Northumbria Law School and the University of Cumbria to help shape policies to regulate the Internet.

Teaching Legal Education in the Digital Age will be published by Routledge in 2020, first in hardback for the library market and then in paperback for the individual market. Each chapter will address two key outcomes of this book – to equip students to become future ready and digitally empowered for the evolving technologically-mediated practice of law. Drawing these themes together, we propose an interesting collection of papers of how technology can be used in law curriculum to enhance learning, lead excellence in teaching and provide stewardship towards how we prepare students towards the disruptive law schools to enhance student learning. 

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Exploring and Understanding the Evolving Technological Trends in Legal Practice in order to Identify and Address any Gaps in Legal Education.

Ann Thanaraj and Craig Laverick are researching the use of technology in legal education and practice. This collaborative research project, funded by BILETA, explores how law schools are addressing the increasing needs and expectations of legal practice in supporting and preparing students for ‘digital lawyering’. The primary research activity will involve gathering, and analysing, data from interviews with law firms and organisations in England and Wales.

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Steve’s work covers the technology implications of all aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions, from due diligence through to post-acquisition systems changes and transition service agreements, across a wide range of sectors.

Steve Williams, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Waterstons Ltd, Liddon Court, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS

Digital Lawyering

In today’s rapidly changing legal landscape, becoming a digital lawyer is vital to success within the legal profession.

This textbook provides an accessible and thorough introduction to digital lawyering with chapters on a range of key topics, issues and themes. It seeks to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of digital lawyering, as well as exploring the key attributes and skills required to utilise technology within legal practice effectively. It will allow students to identify, discuss and reflect on emerging issues and trends within digital lawyering in a critical and informed manner drawing on both academic content and case study-style activities. These range from exploring the role of blockchain, analytics and big data to considering issues of regulation, ethics and privacy, and discussing the impact of professional identity and the emerging skills and competencies employers now require. With a wide range of activities and case studies throughout, this textbook is an invaluable research for anyone with an interest in the 21st century legal profession. It is envisaged that this volume would be used as a main textbook as more and more Law Schools internationally introduce modules focused on technology and law (for example, the University of Cumbria’s module “Lawyering in a Digital Age”). However, it could also be used as a supplementary textbook in the wide range of modules offered by Law Schools worldwide on lawyering and legal skills more generally.

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A Practical Guide to Lawyering Skills

4th Edition

Updated and essential reading for undergraduate and vocational law students seeking to develop the necessary skills to work successfully with law in the twenty-first century